Custody Mediation

A parenting agreement formed through combined mediation gives parents a voice, whereas court-decided instances represent the voice of this courtroom.

We always suggest working with an experienced child custody lawyer for specialist help drafting a parenting arrangement that aligns with local laws.

Describe The Demands of Your Child

Does your child have any special medical or nutritional needs, any hobbies or interests that are productive? Show proof of your degree of involvement. If your child is involved in particular academic or extracurricular activities, you need to bring signed statements and schedules from teachers that emphasize the value of parent or summer/weekend involvement.

Camp schedules and course syllabi can provide more detail to the daily life of your child. It’s crucial to assist the mediator understand how residency, time with each parent, and instructional decisions will influence your children and we always suggest you call an Orange County family law lawyer ASASP.

If these records would work against you (if you’re planning to move from the school district, as an instance) be sure to provide comprehensive documentation which reveals why the programs at your new place would be a better match for your child. It wouldn’t be too tricky to contact teachers or church leaders in your future residence to acquire the ideal schedules and pamphlets.

The documents you have gathered concerning the child’s routine can allow you to make a realistic parenting program backed up by strong logic. Choose which holidays and special events you would rather have together and which ones you’re ready to give up Transportation arrangements are common also.

Communication and decision-making arrangements are rather straightforward. Would you like to remain updated on grades? Would you like notification before holidays out of state? Do you want to have a say in matters which impact the spiritual upbringing of your children?

Be Ready To Compromise

Be certain that you make a few reasonable backup plans. Make mental notes about which items are negotiable, which can be completely non-negotiable and that are up for trade. You ought not necessarily introduce these backup plans to your own metaphor in writing, but they can definitely give you some direction in case of disagreement. Offering alternative choices shows good will.

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