Officer Accident

Officers rush to crime scenes and other injuries, attempt to follow drivers which are driving carelessly, and patrol roads. So it makes sense that occasionally a police officers might get in a car crash or two. Accidents of those types can vary from a parked automobile incident to a complete rear-end collision.

Despite the fact that accidents involving police cars aren’t uncommon, it’s often more difficult to sue the state when a police officer is to blame. To do this successfully, you’ll have to have an experienced lawyer on your side along with understanding and following the right and appropriate procedure – failure to do so may not help your situation.

Much like any other car collision, it is important to get all the ideal information immediately. The following must be mentioned:

Be sure that you have a copy of the police report, and always call another patrol car when an accident occurs – do not enable the officers involved in the wreck to compose a report. If the officer who caused the collision should compose the report, be certain to find a copy of the report and be sure it includes the details you would like it to include.

Additional Information

When it comes to being involved in a collision with the condition, it’s up to you to show that you were not to blame. Even if the incident appears obvious, it is not. You’ll have to show that you weren’t driving carelessly, and this might be tough to do – unless the automobile accident was a rear-end crash in a traffic light, it’s often more difficult to prove that an accident wasn’t your fault if suing the state.

You also need to file a claim with the city if you’re trying to collect money for damages, but you will need a Auto accident lawyer Lubbock. Bear in mind that you need to submit this claim before you attempt to sue the state. If the claim isn’t filed, your lawsuit may be thrown out of court.

Not Straightforward

It’s hard to collect money from the state when an accident occurs.

1. Unless liability is crystal clear, it’s your responsibility to prove precisely how the incident occurred and who was to blame.

2. You have to file a claim with the city before you attempt to sue the authorities.

3. Typically, you can’t sue a person – you have to sue the town, county or state.

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