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This blog is devoted to reviews of the best radio drama productions, including book-readings and short stories. They include classics, new books and plays, and contemporary works from Great Britain and the United States.

Time Slip by Wally K. Daly (1983).  Dir. Martin Jenkins.  Perf.  Paul Daneman, Donald Hewlett, Gwen Watford.  BBC Radio 4 Extra, 25 January 2015

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Saint Joan by George Bernard Shaw.  Dir. Jonquil Panting.  Perf. Lyndsay Marshal, Paul Ritter, Paul Hilton.  BBC Radio 3, 24 January 2015.


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Did you Really Shoot the Television? by Max Hastings, abridged by Penny Leicester (2010).  Prod. Duncan Minshull.  Perf. Hastings, Nigel Hastings, Joanna Monro.  BBC Radio 4 Extra, 26-30 January 2015

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Thomas Hardy Short Stories abridged by Isobel Creed (2013).  Prod. Gill Waters.  Perf. Richard Mitchley.  BBC Radio 4 Extra, 26-30 January 2015

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The Dresser by Ronald Harwood, adapted by David Blount (1993).  Dir. Blount.  Perf. Michael Palin, Freddie Jones.  BBC Radio 4 Extra, 31 January 2015

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Black Ice by Bruce Bedford (2012).  Dir. Hamish Wilson.  Perf. Crawford Logan, Richard Greenwood, John Walsh.  BBC Radio 4 Extra, 29 January 2015

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Cloud Howe by Lewis Grassic Gibbon, dramatized by Donna Franceschild.  Dir. Kirsty Williams.  Perf. Amy Manson, Robin Laing, Pearl Appleby.  BBC Radio 4, 25 January - 1 February 2015

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Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, adapted and directed by Pauline Harris.  Perf. Heny Goodman, Neet Mohan, Ramon Tikaram.  BBC Radio 4, 23 January 2015

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Readers' Reviews
Lovely stuff, Laurence. Your kind words are heartening;and your hard work greatly appreciated. Radio needs you. It's a brilliant medium to write for. As someone said to me (very high up the BBC Drama ladder) - "If writing for radio drama paid the same as TV - everyone would write for radio."
Sean Grundy  

Thank you Laurence for another great review.  Much enjoyment comes from reading your reviews. (Georgie Fuller, actor)  

If you are a person of literary taste and you love radio drama, Laurence Raw is in your good books (Linda Dyson)

Many thanks for your site which I have enjoyed reading for some time but have only now thought of thanking you! Apologies. l especially like the way in which you give an overview of the production and focus on a few key aspects to comment upon.
Coverage of audio drama is pitiful in Radio Times and so independent reviews are most helpful to me...and others (Geoff Dodd).

I just wanted to thank you for putting together a Website that gives attention to the modern audio drama movement. It can be really hard, sometimes, to work for weeks or months on a project, only to see that, not only hasn't anyone heard it, NO ONE even seems to know your art form exists at all! Sites like help sheds light on a storytelling medium that badly needs some.
Thanks again for providing such a great service to the community, and for all the people in general who are just looking for good stories to experience." (David Collins-Rivera)

"A big thank you for a remarkably sensitive and perceptive review. Your site is so worthwhile because radio drama's worthwhile" *Jack Klaff, actor and dramatist.

"Thanks for the review, Laurence. It’s very good to know that someone takes Radio Drama seriously, and your commitment to documenting contemporary plays is much appreciated." Matthew Broughton, author of White Noise (Radio 4, 2012), and adapter of Gulliver's Travels (also Radio 4).

"I did want to let you know that based on your reviews of non-BBC audio/radio drama available online, I have been listening to groups like 19 Nocturne Avenue etc. You're really creating a great resource and I'm sure many people the world over are grateful." (Leslie McMurtry)
"The theme of this review posting is that something is crackling about radio drama at the moment and more and more people are recognising it. And if other national newspapers don’t get it, there are plenty of enlightened thinkers, listeners and writers out there who do and they will do independent reviewing. Laurence Raw is one such diamond and platinum egg ....  Laurence’s criticism is very well written. If he can sustain his current level of output, radio dramatists, actors, directors, producers and sound designers are going to find a morale-boosting and culturally appreciative reference point for all their work." (Tim Crook, Libertarianspirit Blog)
"Laurence Raw is doing great work to promote radio drama with his thoughtful and prolific reviews" (Fred Greenhalgh, Radio Drama Revival (
"Do take a look at Laurence Raw's website. Someone with a genuine passion for radio drama" (Julie Mayhew, dramatist & author of Shoebox Full of Snow)
"Just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed reading your site recently. It’s great to see someone interested enough in that wonderful medium of radio drama to write so many reviews" (Oliver Wake)

...just to prove that not everyone can be pleased all of the time ....

"You think you may have been "half-awake"? Wholly asleep possibly. Or just cloth-eared, cloth-brained, cloth-hearted or all combined."  (Martin Hoyle)

I just read Martin Hoyle's comment on your website.  Yeesh!  I think you are one of the most generous reviewers out there and though critical, you also celebrate the form in a way that shows you care about the people who make the drama and want them to continue to do so.  (Leslie McMurtry)